"Within a short span, he goes from soul crooner on You Don’t Have to Explain to Turn Up the Sunshine’s radio pop reggae groove to earnest twang on I’m No Cowboy. But he owns it all with a confident voice and mature songwriting chops that show all that Signal Hill energy can be channeled in a more personal direction."

> Stephen Cooke - The Chronicle Herald

"If you only buy one album in 2015 (Yes, I still call them albums) - buy Jason Campbell's "Missing Signals". Buy it for the vocals. Buy it for the songs. Buy it for the production values. Buy it for the musicianship. But don't just buy it - play it. Play it over and over - you'll discover something new every spin. Top of the blender perfect....."

> Sandy Morris (Wonderful Grand Band, Musician, Producer)

"Rolling to gig 1 with @MissingSignals jason singing us down the road. Diggin' it."

> Alan Doyle (via twitter)

" I listened to this album and immediately played it again. Jason's catchy lyrics, combined with his distinct voice, left me wanting even more. I dare you to listen to it just once. I bet you can't!"

> Starr Dobson - President & CEO, Mental Health Foundation of NS and former Producer / Co-Host, CTV News at 5

"A rare thing in life, a voice that totally stops you in your tracks."

> Jonathan Carr (UK recording artist)

"Jason Campbell's inaugural CD 'Missing Signals' is a throwback to a time when music was free. A time when artists recorded what they wanted and were not swayed by record companies and trends. Jason adds all the elements required to satisfy a music lover. Pop, Jazz, Rock and Country. The cornerstones of music today are well represented through an ensemble of first class East Coast Canadian musicians. A pleasure ...eh"

> Rick Keene (K103.7 FM Kahnawake, QC)

"Smooth delivery, well produced and this young man continues to pay his musical dues. Dogged determination goes far in the music field and I believe Jason posses all of the determination and talent required to go far in the music business."

> Terry Kelleher (Musician, Music Promoter)

"His highly skilled musicianship has now been channelled into a thoughtful lyriced and jazz influenced pop album.The chord structures complex but still really friendly to the ear as well!!"

> Andrew Pike (singer song writer)

"Jason Campbell is a refreshing artist, with a distinctive new voice in the Canadian Music Industry"

> Rebecca Marshall (Hollywood actor)